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April 4, 2013 1:47 pm

Okay so Meg told me to do all of the questions and now I have an actual keyboard to use. Here goes nothing.

1: I like clear blue eyes and warm brown eyes.

2. White chocolate

3. Wings, I would love to have a tattoo of wings and my back would be the perfect place for them, don’t you think?

4. The first 12 years of my life were spent on the edge of the city. I miss my old house ad friends and school but it’s nice to be able to take a walk down my street without the threat of being attacked or approached with drugs.

5. My aunt. She’s basically me, only 20 years older and without the annoyingness.

6. Mmmmm, strawberry smoothie.

7. The one and only time I got in trouble for misbehaving in school was in 4th grade. My friends and I were rough-housing in the back of the room while a lady in front was playing the guitar for us. It didn’t end well.

8. I was reading at lunch, all comfy and disgusting looking and someone got a picture of me and somehow it ended up in the yearbook. No one really knew it was me because my face is covered by the book though.

9. I haven’t been in highschool long enough to fuck things up too badly.

10. Ninjas because stealth.

11. I was never one for climbing trees.

12. YES and YES

13. I have no imagination or anything because I’m perfectly content with my two dogs and idiot cat.

14. I hate all parts of my body

15. My optimism and natural charm

16. Lady Gaga

17. Yup

18. Never been drunk

19. Homemade cheesecake

20. Butter for both

21. 1% and no, I didn’t know they made 1 1/2%

22. Just North America

23. I do not get motion sickness

24. Backpack

25. I would wear all these things. I even got my sister a pair of checkered pants a couple months ago. She wore them the other day.


27. Cow, because I have family who would know how to take care of one.

28. I have never really seen the appeal in skylines.

29. Plane ride to Colorado from New York. I dislike planes and boats, so travel is by car with my family. 

30. I think that happened this Tuesday. It was around 3 PM when I got up, because HOLY CRAP I WAS AT A GREEN DAY CONCERT THE NIGHT BEFORE.

31. I would not buy one willingly, but I would probably wear it if it were a gift.

32. Yes, I do, it’s a bad habit.

33. Mung beans

34. Not very far.

35. Probably England or Canada, I’m wary of language barriers. 

36. Wow, I’ve never had any of those.

37. Small, liberal arts school for more intimate, in-depth learning.

38. Love

39. I do not. Eating is weird for me. 

40. I don’t watch them often, but I don’t have issues with horror movies and thrillers.

41. Probably yeah

42. Occasionally I let something slip in front of my mom, but never with my dad.

43. A knight, complete with shiny shield and fake sword.

44. I want red hair.

45. I would actually like to get married, though I doubt it’ll happen. Kids are something that would need to be discussed, but I’m not against it.

46. Yes, I have a couple water bottles I use.

47. CITY

48. When I was little, I’d use markers in my hair to turn it fun colors. 

49. I actually take pride in how well I can walk in heels.

50. I’m smart, I guess. My hair is partially blue right now. I have amazing siblings. My dedication to academics, though waning, is significantly higher than most of my peers. Uh. I sing.

*wipes brow* phew, glad that’s over

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